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The Legend
In the royal palace of Shyraz or Tiraziš, in the ancient realm of Persia, where King Djemchid lived with his harem, a large earthenware jar of grapes came to be overlooked. A servant found it some weeks later and discovered a cloudy, bubbling liquid with an unfamiliar smell. He hung a label on it, with the word "Poison", and set it apart from the rest. Now one of the king's wives was very depressed at the time because her husband was neglecting her. In desperation, she decided to commit suicide. While searching for a knife, she found the "poison" and drank it. She began to recover a sense of well-being and ran through the palace, happily singing and dancing. The king heard about the cure and consulted the princess. Excitedly he drank some of the potion and experienced the same effects. He issued a decree to the effect that a proportion of the grapes grown should be kept back, as had happened with the earthenware jar, and this became one of the traditions of that place.

Winemaking Philosophy

Our House Casa del Vino winery, which opened in 2012, was built upon the foundations of innovation and education. It is a workshop where our winemakers exchange ideas, knowledge, and create innovative new wines with their own stories and identities. The freedom and spontaneity is palpable. We have just one major rule: here there are no rules. The idea is to transmit our passion for what we do and that those who visit us can enjoy this tremendous experience.

Líneas de Vinos

Varietal, Reserve, Gran Reserva, Climax


Ricardo Baettig

Enólogo Consultor


> Sven Bruchfeld / Asesor Enológico

Sven Bruchfeld Grupo Belén’s most outstanding winemakers—Daniela Salina, Sven Bruchfeld, Ricardo Baettig, Jorge Martínez, and Irene Paiva, along with Matías and Juan Pablo Michelin—all participate in our workshop winery. They each transmit their own personality and style to the wines they make here and create the House Casa del Vino portfolio that makes us so proud.


> Juan Pablo Michellini / Enólogo

Pablo Morandé Se graduó como Enólogo en el Colegio Don Bosco, la escuela más importante de enología de Mendoza. Como parte de sus estudios, incluyó su trabajo en la bodega St. Francis Winery, en Sonoma, California. Sus inicios fueron en la destacada bodega argentina Doña Paula, donde cultivó su experiencia en vinos de alta gama. Tras dos años, se trasladó a Pomerol, Francia. Durante 2005 y 2006 permaneció en el Valle de Cafayate aprendiendo la técnica de los vinos de altura. En 2008, llegó a Zorzal, en el Valle de Gualtallary, Tupungato, viña que en sólo tres años logró conquistar el sitial de mejor Malbec por sobre los USD 50 en el "Argentina Wines Awards", el concurso más importante de ese país.
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