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Viña Morandé was founded in 1996 for the purpose of creating innovative premium wines of great quality. It currently has a worldwide distribution network, allowing it to be present in over 40 countries with its Line Wines and Specialities.

Winemaking Philosophy

The Morandé wines express the virtues of their place of origin, and this is achieved through meticulous work carried out in vineyards, combining factors of climate, soil and variety. Another key factor is the differentiation of the micro-terroirs that exist within each vineyard, enabling specific work to be carried out with a view to obtaining grapes of superior quality. The winemakers strive to create wines of great balance in each of the lines for which they are responsible, wines that are genuine, faithful representatives of their variety, so that a unique hallmark is stamped on every bottle.

Wine Lines

Line Wines
Pionero, Reserva, Gran Reserva, Edición Limitada and Late Harvest

Vigno and House of Morandé

Sparkling Wines & Others
Brut Nature and Golden Harvest

Posicionamiento y Personalidad

Vistamar | Mancura | Zorzal | Fray León | Tirazis


Vinos distinguidos, sociables y acogedores que cautivan al consumidor.


Distinguido / jovial / amistoso / confiable / consecuente.


Ricardo Baettig

Winemaking Director

Pablo Morandé

Winemaking Director


> Ricardo Baettig / Winemaking Director

Ricardo BaettigRicardo Baettig graduated in Agricultural Engineering and Winemaking from the University of Chile. After taking part in important projects at Viña Errázuriz, he emigrated to Italy for three years to work as Winemaking Advisor to various wineries in Friuli and Piemonte. From 2004 until October 2010 he was Technical Manager – Winemaker of Viña Estampa, where he received a variety of awards in competitions and magazines both inside and outside the country. He has been Winemaking Director of Viña Morandé since November 2010, in charge of the Line Wines and Specialties.


> Pablo Morandé / Winemaking Director

Pablo MorandéPablo Morandé was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1950 into a family that had been linked to the world of wine for four generations. He studied Agriculture and Winemaking at the University of Chile and continued with postgraduate studies at that same university and at the Catholic University of Chile, then becoming Winemaker and Technical Advisor at Viña Concha y Toro. In the early 1980s he became a pioneer, planting vineyards in the Casablanca Valley and so discovering a region which is now famous worldwide for the quality of its wines. In 1996 he founded Viña Morandé, where he is currently member of the Board and Winemaking Director of the Specialities range. In 2007 he was voted Best Winemaker of the Year by the Chile Wine Guide, in addition to other important recognitions.
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